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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

RIP Bob Welch - For One Moment...

Bob Welch has passed away from an apparent heart attack. Welch won the Cy Young with 27 wins for Oakland in 1990. No pitcher has won more than 24 games since then.

He struggled with alcoholism during his career, which was unknown until he wrote a book about it in 1981. Obviously, he overcame it.

 But if you're of an age, what stands out was his classic showdown with Reggie Jackson in Game Two of the 1978 World Series. The hard throwing rookie vs. the game's biggest star. It was the kind of moment that makes the World Series The Fall Classic.

 The Confrontation:

As this article tells, Reggie got even in Game Six (that shot almost went to the moon!), but oh, it was a scintillating nine-pitch at bat in Game Two.

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