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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Clayton Kershaw - $200 Million Pitcher?

Factoring in age and ability, I think Clayton Kershaw is worthy of being the highest paid pitcher in the game. But a $200 million contract for a pitcher? Presumably $25-$30 million a year? For a guy who will (hopefully) play in 40-ish games and maybe win 22 or so?

I still believe that baseball's salary structure is going to (continue to) hamstring the game and, at best, keep it third in popularity behind the NFL and NBA. And really fourth, behind college football. My Dodgers are the new Yankees and out front on the road to ruin.

This is a pretty good article at looking at the financial prospects of Kershaw and Justin Verlander. Verlander: Cy Young winner on the AL Champions, in line for a record setting pay day and dating the cover girl of the SI Swimsuit issue. Tough life.

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