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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Penn State - Uncivil Disobedience

The picture to the left is a news van over-turned by the Penn State students who rioted last night on campus. Rioted you say? Why did they do that?

Because the Penn State Board of Trustees fired beloved head football coach Joe Paterno. They did this because Paterno has been accused of abetting the sexual molestation of at least one child by a longtime assistant coach and friend.

The legal process needs to run its course, but the facts indicate that Joe Paterno did NOT call the police when he was told what a Penn State staffer witnessed, which was Jerry Sandusky sexually molesting a boy in an athletic facility shower.

I'm sorry, why are Penn State students rioting? Because Paterno was fired. Not beause he didn't report the action to the police. They're not rioting on behalf of the boy who was molested.

Society's values and principles are so askew these days it's beyond ridiclous. Even beyond pitiful. We aren't standing upon a rock: we're on shifting sand.

The sadly misguided students at Penn State are yet another example of the cluelessness that pervades our society. Paterno told them to resume thier (student) lives and to pray for the victims and their families. He had a lot more sense than these students did last night.

Joshua 24:15 - As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

The young adults at Penn State certainly weren't serving the Lord last night.

Jim Tressel, Joe Paterno, many, many others, coaches and not. When given the responsibility to choose between wrong and right, we must choose RIGHT. Paterno was fired yesterday because he knowingly chose wrong.

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