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Friday, November 4, 2011

Casting Crowns - TREMENDOUS!!!

Last night's Casting Crown's concert here in Columbus Oh was simply incredible. It was a rock and roll praise and worship event. World Vision (a fabulous organization) sponsored the show and many children were sponsored last night. One of the three children my wife and I sponsor is through World Vision.

And because my buddy sponsored a child last night, they gave him the DVD, Films & Music inspired by The Story. AND...Mark Hall's new book.The Well. And since I ordred the tickets, he gave them both to me! I'm looking forward to reading it.

I enjoyed Sanctus Real and what I heard of Lindsay McCaul (do NOT drive on Stringtown Rd at evening rush hour if you can avoid it). Lead Me was as good live as I expected. It is a powerful song about being a husband and father.

Casting Crowns is an amazing band. Whether they are singing the ballads the blue-grassish stuff or the jamming tunes (trust me, this isn't kum-bye-ya religious music), they nail it. Mark Hall delivers the Message well and the World Vision tie-in was moving.

I would see Casting Crowns again without reservation. Perhaps the best concert I've attended, which includes bands such as Joan Jett, Buddy Guy, the Beach Boys, the Radiators and Kiss. With the possible exception of Matt Redman, none were like this.

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