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Monday, August 23, 2010

Steelers 2010 - Best LB Corps in the NFL

What a group of players!

It is simply unbelievable how often JAMES HARRISON gets held. If you watch the slow mo replays, guys are consistently committing holding penalties as he tries to get around the corner on them. I don't know how he ever gets any sacks, which he's had 26 of the past two years. I think he'd get about two dozen sacks a year if he didn't get held so much.

Age on one side, youth on the other. LAMARR WOODELY has 25 sacks in the past two seasons and has surpassed Lawrence Timmons, who was drafted before him in 2007. Woodley is unhappy with his contract and is a free agent after this year. He's going to break the bank for somebody, as this guy looks like a real star on the rise.

JAMES FARRIOR is a team captain and locker room leader. Unfortunately, he looked two steps slower last year. Hopefully that was temporary and he'll be back up to speed. If not, he's going to be sitting out some third down plays. I will say he looked a lot more like his younger self against the Giants.

LAWRENCE TIMMONS has struggled with injury and only shown flashes of the talent that made him a first round pick. If he doesn't get more consistent, I think he's gonna find himself sitting a lot for LARRY FOOTE. Timmons looks like he can be a star, but he's been pretty uneven. Hindered last year by a high ankle sprain, he's running fine so far this year.

Foote is back after one miserable year in Detroit. I think he will see the field a fair amount, spelling both Timmons and Farrior. He's a very good run stopper.

KEYARON FOX shined when he filled in for Timmons last year and I think he's our next star linebacker and I hope he doesn't lose all of his PT to Foote.

The coaching staff is high on second round draft pick JASON WORILDS, though he's having hamstring problems in camp.

Ex-Buckeye THADDEUS GIBSON had to sit out due to school year rules and is behind schedule in camp.

ANDRE FRAZIER got hurt last week and is out for the year. The Steelers signed BRANDON RENKART to replace him. Renkart has been on a couple practice squads in his two years since leaving Rutgers.

PATRICK BAILEY is a good special teams player who rarely gets on the field for defense. Rookie STEVENSON SYLVESTER is having a good camp and may end up starting on special teams. Sylvester made a couple of nice plays against the Giants.

Woodley and Harrison completely dominate games. Farrior is a run -game tackling machine. Timmons is a sometimes dangerous pass rusher. Foote is the best #5 linebacker in the league. Fox is waiting for a chance to break out.

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