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Monday, August 16, 2010

Ann Coulter - Clueless

I'm both a Christian and a Republican. And it is SO disappointing to hear the blatherings of shallow blowhards like Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck. They typify right-wing extremists who embarrass rational Republicans and certainly missed the boat on Christ's message.

I saw a book at Barnes and Noble this weekend (Actually, I saw several). But this one was a piece of revisionist history that posits that Joseph McCarthy had it right. Joseph. McCarthy. Good guy. Yeah. Right.

But it was the quote from Coulter on the cover that grabbed me.
The most important book since the Bible.
It's both ridiculously wrong and overblown hyperbole. And it's kinda funny, because McCarthy had a lot more in common with the moneylenders in the temple than he did with Jesus Christ. I'm betting she missed the irony in that reference.

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