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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Poster Thursday - Casablanca and Clooney's The Last Good German

I came across a tidbit for this Casablanca poster in a book I was reading last night. Warners didn't want to tip off the Bogart/Bergman relationship in this poster, so they 'generalized' it. And did so by lifting a picture from Bogie's Across the Pacific, released the prior year. Anybody who has seen Casalbanca (and if you have a pulse, you should have) knows that 'Bogie with a gun pose' doesn't really have anything to do with the film.

But that's really just an aside. Seeing the poster reminded me of my disappointment with George Clooney's The Last Good German. I rented this, expecting it to be a Casablanca type film. It's not. So why did I think that? Because of THIS poster. I think it's a cool poster. It's also a pretty direct copy of the Casablanca one above, wouldn't you say? The Last Good German was an okay film, if a bit slow paced (or even dull). Wikipedia said that the poster was an homage to Casablanca. Which is kinda cool, but certainly misleading. And in my case, it didn't deliver on the promise.