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Friday, February 24, 2012

Steelers - 2012 Free Agents/Part I

I've been working on a look at current Steelers who will be free agents in 2012, but with almost two dozen, it is taking awhile! So, I decided to break it down into three groups: Unrestricted, Restricted and Exclusive. We'll tackle the smallest group first.

This means that the player either takes the Steelers offer or he doesn't play. These guys have no power at all.
Jeremy Kapinos - The Steelers made an offer to Kapinos, who has supplanted the injury-prone Daniel Sepulveda as the team punter. He has no other option. He'll sign and do an adequate job with the punting duties in 2012. He's certainly better than Mitch Berger.
Steve McLendon - He'll be an unrestricted free agent next year. McClendon filled in well enough for the injured Casey Hampton in 2011, stepping up with Chris Hoke also going down with an injury. But I'm not sure he's a full time starter. Having said that, he has done well at times and may prove to be the guy with more experience and work with the coaches. With Hampton coming back from his ACL (and the Big Snack's age and weight..), I expect McClendon to be the starter on opening day. I hope he does well, as he could team with Ziggy Hood and Cameron Heywood to man the d-line for the next several years.
Isaac Redman - Pittsburgh made an offer of a bit under $600,000 to Redman, who showed some real ability in 2011. For a guy who is likely going to lead the team in rushing, and a guy who is pretty good, he's going to be quite a bargain. He will be an unrestricted free agent in 2013. If he has a successful 2012, I imagine that the Steelers will work out a deal with him after the season. I'm glad he's back.

Chris Hoke - The Steelers took Hoke as an undrafted free agent out of Brigham Young in 2001 and he didn't make it onto the field until 2004. Having finally arrived, he spent a chunk of the past decade backing up pro bowler Casey Hampton. And it's a testament to him that very rarely was his entry into the game a step down for the defense. Hoke played hard and got the most out of his talent. And he picked up two Super Bowl rings along the way. Coming off of season-ending neck surgery, he'll be thirty-six in April and he wasn't going to play ahead of the twenty-six year old McLendon. Hoke was one of those Steelers who showed up every day, didn't cause waves and played hard when he was on the field. We need more guys like him.

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