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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Parenting as Monty Python

So, the other night, my three year old wasn't too thrilled with his ravioli dinner. Having tasted it, I could understand why. But he needed to eat. So, I tried to get him to take one more bite. He wasn't having any of it. No sir.

I told him he could stay in his high chair for another hour and then go to bed: not a problem for me. I wasn't going to turn the Veggie Tales back on the tv until he took a bite. He repeatedly said no, he couldn't eat any more, he wasn't feeling well, etc. But I wasn't bending. He would take one more bite or stay there (flashbacks to my own childhood here).

Finally, he took one bite. It was Monty Python's 'The Meaning of Life.' "Just one little mint, monsieur. It is so thin. What harm could one little mint do?"

Get out the buckets. He threw up a whole day's worth of food. Guess he wasn't feeling well.

I thought the Python bit was disgusting back when I watched it. I didn't find this flashback funny either...

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