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Thursday, December 16, 2010

How about those Jets? HA HA HA

The culture of Jerkdom dominates the NY Jets under Rex Ryan. Damon Hack over at had a short piece on them yesterday:

A big difference between the Jets and Steelers; Pittsburgh knows they belong. They show up, play hard and take care of business.

Rex and the Jets are obnoxious blowhards. Thay talked during Hard Knocks and during the season. He was making sarcastic comments about the Pats being the best team just before their game. But they're like big bullies. The Pats simply punched them in the nose and beat them up. Then the Dolphins stood up to them. Jets crumbled like sissies.

New York is a teenager, strutting around, looking cocky and talking loud; wanting to play with the grownups. And the Steelers and Patriots are the adults. They just work and win.

I hate Rex Ryan and love that they're falling apart. Smoking cigars after beating Cleveland. What doofus'. I hope they stink up Pittsburgh and Chicago the next two weekends.


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